How To Light Up Your Homes This Festive Season

It’s that time of the year when we all have a lot to celebrate. The festive season brings with it a joyful and lively spirit of celebration to end the year with a bang! With all these festivities going on there is a simple yet lovely to brighten up your places and give them a complete makeover, and that is by using some fairy lights. So, we have got you some easy yet creative ideas to brighten up your homes, go on have a look –

#1 On A Blank Wall

Consider your pretty blank a canvas and light it up by putting fairy lights around it in a random pattern. This will take out all the dullness of the blank wall and give it a new look!

#2 Hang-In-There

Another lovely way to add some lights is to hang them as chandeliers. Adding chandeliers not only brightens up the place but also gives your ceiling a makeover.

#3 Light Up The Veil

You can make shiny veils out of curtains by adding long fairy lights with them. This is sure to change the entire appeal of your room.

#4 On The Dressing

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the prettiest of all? Well the answer to this is going to be the dressing table in your room once you add some fairy lights to it. Go, on give it a try!

#5 Mason Jars

A great DIY idea that would brighten up your entire home is to fill mason jars or some glass containers/bottles with strings of lights to create beautiful night lamps.

#6 Light Up The Memories

Don’t focus on lightning up just your home, lighten up the memories as well! Create a beautiful wall décor with hanging your precious pictures on it and add some fairy lights to see the magical transformation!

#7 Room Separators

Room separators are no longer going to be a boring piece of furniture, when they have strings on lights on them!

#8 Kiddy Spaces

Give your kids a lit-up space to play with! Create a stylish and chic play tent with lights all around it that the kids are just going to love spending their time in!

#9 Lightning Stairways

Adding lights to the steps was never so much fun! Use some colorful ball lights on a white staircase and place it in your bedroom for a visually delightful look.

These cost-effective and pretty ideas are sure to light up your homes and brighten up the festive atmosphere!